Cambridge New York

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About this Website

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This website provides a variety of free online services for non-profit, community, and citizens' groups in the Cambridge New York area. Please use the menu at the left to visit the groups that are hosted here.

Add your group

Any group that enhances life in the community is welcome to request hosting of web pages and email lists here. Examples might include: A bridge playing club, hiking group, garden club, jam session, community beautification club, and veterans social group. You do not need to have a formal structure or legal entity established.

Services available here are:

  • Email lists for announcements or discussion
  • Web pages you can edit in your web browser
  • Blogs
  • Document hosting

What's the catch?

Anyone can use this site to find local groups, and anyone (including businesses) can request a link in the appropriate section. However, you must be non-profit (non-commercial) to set up a mailing list or web pages of your own here.


This website and associated email lists have been running as a community service since April 2009, at a cost of $25 per month.  The following groups have donated funds to help pay for the site:
Thank you for your support!

Thanks also to for excellent hosting service and support.


For more information, please contact Stephan Deibel at sdeibel at wingware dot com .


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