Cambridge New York

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Backyard Chickens for Cambridge NY

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Chickens in the coop

Update: In January 2012, the zoning law in Cambridge was changed to allow up to eight hens per property within some of the zones in the village (rural residential, village residential, and rural transitional).  An annual permit is required.  For details see the Cambridge zoning law on the village website.

Many of the backyards behind the homes in our village are quite large.  Historically, these large lots served as kitchen gardens and were often the home of backyard fowl and other small farm animals.  Since the 1970's the keeping of live stock, including chickens, has been forbidden by zoning in most of the village.

Now, a group of residents led by Carolyn Kibbe would like to re-add the keeping of a few backyard hens to the allowable character of the village. They are requesting a zoning ordinance change to allow 4 to 6 backyard hens--no roosters--properly housed and fully enclosed. This is not a zoning variance, and therefore is not a “slippery slope” to any other animals.

Mad City Chickens:  A film Friday June 25th 2010, 7 PM

For a fun family evening and an opportunity to learn first-hand what we’re talking about, please come to see the film Mad City Chickens, a very funny (and informational) movie by Tarazod Films.

Official selection by Victoria Film Festival & Wisconsin Intl. Film Festival

The film will be presented by Hubbard Hall’s Curiosity Forum on Friday, June 25 2010, 7 p.m. in the Beacon Feed Building behind Hubbard Hall.


Please do bring your children and all your questions to this very funny movie.


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