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Submitted March 19, 2004 by William Louis Mammone,

See also the photos William kindly contributed in the Photo Archive!
hi gina;

my name is william louis mammone, i was born and raised in providence, r.i. . i'm presently living in north walpole,n.h. area. . my father's name was sammy mammone, he was born in cos cobb, ct. in 1917. there were 5 children in that family, mike, tony, sammy, ted, helen and sue. my grandfather was salvatore joseph mammone, he was born in 1881 in cosenza, italy it's believed. my grandmother was carmela aurello or lorello mammone, she was born in 1882 in a region called rose italy,so we have been told. my father left my mother when i was born in 1947, never met my family until 1994 in rye-brook, n.y.. their i met my father for the very first time, my sister carmela, my aunt helen and her husband joseph luzi. my uncle ted mammone.

i was told there were more in the family but very little contact with them... for instance, my uncle mike has a son, his name is mike also. he lives in stamford, ct. then theres' my unlce ted mammone who now lives in grenich,ct. he has a son named ted, who lives in grenich, ct. with his family..

i hope i havn't bored u with all this, but i would like to go further and find out if i have any relatives living in italy. i have been told i do...

thank u for your time and patience

william l. mammone

Submitted Wednesday, March 21, 2001 by Paul Mammone,

yo all

my name is Paul Mammone and I was born in England but now live in South Africa. I am the only Mammone in the phone book. My father was Tony Mammone and was also born in England. My grandfather was Josepie Mammone and moved to England in the 30s. I still have family in the UK.

I am curently working as a Key Grip in the film industry. My company is called Get a Grip.

yours faithfully

Submitted Friday, March 2, 2001 by Anna Mammone,

My name is Anna Mammone. My husband Ernest Mammone's mother ,Mary Gaudio, Phillips, Mammone,was from Beaver Falls, Pa. b 5/10/1899 d 10/ 3 /1964. She married Antonio D. Mammone b.3/15/1892 d. 9/25/1991. He came over from , Sora, Calabria, Italy with his 2 brothers, Salvatore, and Joseph Mammone when they were 17 , 19, 20. Salvatore went back to Italy but Antonio and Joseph stayed. After living in Beaver Falls they moved to Stamford , Ct. If you want more information I can send it to you. Thanks, Anna Mammone

Mike Mammone sent the following from his survey of the Netscape White Pages in April 1999:

There are 134 Mammones with phone listings in the Unites States.
They are found in the following states: CA, CT, FL, MA, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, TX, UT, VA. The largest numbers are in NY, NJ, MA, OH, and PA.
544 Mammones are listed in Italy. 67 are listed in Sora, a town just southwest of Rome.

Submitted by Rudolph Mammone,, of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

My father, Angelo Rafaele, was born, as we have determined, in Bari, but spent his childhood the mountain village of Mongiana, in the Catanzarro Province. In 1902, at the age of 12 he was brought to America by his father, Pasquale. He began his stay in America working in the coal mines and railroad in West Virginia. In about 1910 he returned to Italy and married, Raffaela Timpano in Mongiana.

He then returned to America with the intention of sending for my mother and by then a son, Luigi, but the World War made that impossible. On his return to America, he went to Niagra Falls, NY, where he was employed in a paper mill, After a few years, somehow he learned that work was abundant in Beaver Falls, Pa, and made his way here. He worked for a number of years at the Armstrong Cork Co. In either 1915 or 1916 he went to work for an Italian wholesale grocery co, and after some years he opened his own grocery store in 1920. In 1925 he was able to return to Italy and then brought his family back to Beaver Falls.

Children born to Angelo and Raffaela Mammone, were Luigi, born it Italy in 1911. Children born in Beaver Falls, were Rudolph in 1925, Alfred in 1926, and Mary in 1929.

My father had only a sister, so finding close relative Mammones has been virtually impossible. There are two other families in the immeadiate area, but as far as we have been able to acertain, they were either 1st or 2nd cousins.

Concerning the name Mammone, it occurs in the bible as denoting the devil in the passage "you cannot serve god and mammon.

And about the brigand. About 30 years ago I was waiting in the office of a supplier when I noticed a book on the table with an intriguing title. "Monsters and Gouls". I picked it up and flipped through pages when a name caught my eye. Thirty years have an effect on memory, but I am quite sure that it either Giacomo or Gaetano. When I got home I mentioned this to my mother, and she became quite agitated, asking were I had heard of such a man. I then assumed that the story was true and she did not want to divulge any embarrasing details about an ancestor.

I would be most pleased to have any information that you might find concerning our name.

Submitted by Joan Sapienti Andrews,, whose mother Elena Mammone Sapienti lives in Haverill, Massachusetts
[Bartolo Mammone was born in Sora, Italy in the late 1800's. He was] married to Lucia DiPuccio of Sora, Italy. I know that he had a cousin in Leominster Settled in Berlin, NH and then to Haverhill, MA

[Bartolo and Lucia had] 6 children: Phyllis, Violet, Albert, Silvio, Elena, Marguerite

The family moved to [Glendale] California in 1946 except for Elena who stayed in Haverhill and married John Sapienti. I am their daughter, Joan Sapienti Andrews, born August 1949. I have a brother J. Michael Sapienti who owns Icenter in Salem, NH. (a huge Ice and entertainment center) I have two sons Michael Andrews 24 years old, Somerville, MA, a graduate of Ithaca College and Christopher Andrews 21 years old, a UNH junior.

Silvio Mammone is doing very well, His daughter Michelle DeWerd owns a ranch in Los Olivos, CA ( Sil and his wife have a home on that ranch. Sil's son Michael is a doctor in Southern CA. Albert is retired from his business Almaco and living on an estate in Redding CA.

My mother said that her father had a brother Bernard and a sister who both remained in Italy.

Submitted by Bette Ann Mammone,, from New York State.
i have read with great interest the website on mammones. our family (still many of them in Vallefioritia (Province de Catanzarro) continues to have land holdings there from over a century ago. It is my understanding the Greek translation of Mammone is "great mother." OR according to a recent people magazine article, mammone means mama's boy. strongly disagree there.

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